Mixed Media Scrapbook Page

This is my first post as a Designer for CraftAdda and my first mixed media tutorial.. So guys I would definitely love to get some feedback from you :).. For those who hate a picture heavy post, well this is one of them .. So Beware :D
I just created a some scrapbook pages recently and was confused as to what to make a cover.. Because I wanted to give it an elegant and vintage look but without using browns or blacks.. Then I went with my favorite color Purple :)

So here is how I started -

I took my cardboard base, colored it with White acrylic paint  and then used my white ribbons to add a weaving pattern as shown below -


Then I took some Tissue paper and my home made Mod Podge(1/4th Fevicol + 3/4th Water) and covered my base with it, I left some space in the center just because I wanted a different texture and wanted the ribbon weaving to show through  -


I wanted to create layers, but I did not have much metal embellishments to start with. Hence I used the ones that I have to create the layers -


I have used some laces and ribbons, I have also used some buttons, medicine's cap, bottles cap (The best thing about Mixed media is you can almost use anything to create a textured layer).. I have also used some ribbon roses, mulberry roses and leaves.. Then to add some different textures I have used shaped rhinestones and pearls and some Daler Rowney texture paste

I also added some buttons, thermocal balls, paper clips, different shaped embellishments. Here is the look at the completed cover -


Then I took my Purple acrylic paint and add copperish look to it I added Fevicrly bronze powder 


Here are some of the pics from different angles, once I completed coloring (I have added more of the bronze color on the ends to give it an old and antique look) -






Then I added some ribbon and metal rings to add more antique look -


Added some colored stones to it, to add some color to the overall color -


Then I took some Maya Road alphabet chipboard from stash, colored it with silver acrylic paint and stuck it on the cover -


So that finishes the cover, hope you guys liked the tutorial and use it in one of your craft projects :)

Logging off with the sneak peek of the pages inside, which I will share later on -


Happy Crafting,


  1. this is wonderful.love your work.

  2. Wow!
    This is sooo gorgeous!
    Love it :)

  3. Hey... U did well.. I love this tutorial... Nice Khayati..

    1. Thanks a lot Kamal :) There would be more tutorials coming soon ;)

  4. can you tell me please for glueing all things ,what adhesive you used...THANKS

    1. Hi Megha,

      I have used homemade mod podge (1 unit of fevicol + 3 units of water ) for all the paper and plastic embellishments.
      For Metal embellishments and laces I have used fevicryl fabric glue.
      For heavy metal embellishments like bottle cap I have used Daler Rowney Texture Paste. http://www.craftadda.com/art-supplies/mediums-and-varnishes

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