Painting the town red :)

Yeah Hello Earthlings...
Its a HI from Venus (I shifted back to my planet since its difficult to live where I lived with all the cannibals around)
What to say ...I still couldn't forget paper crafting ;)
Anyway lets shift the focus from human pathos to some crafting. :)
So I finally ventured into the world of abstract cards....a generation of "Werner-ish" cards..I don't always find them CAS but this genre speaks volumes without much paraphernalia. 
Plus the added obsession with the MS doily lace punch I recently acquired thanks to Craft Adda
I haven't noticed anyone take the thread route with the punch ;) but I definitely couldn't ignore the tiny punched holes ...they are too easy to back stitch. 

Here's the complete card :)
Pretty Simple ain't it ?
Guess it should inspire you all to use your scraps..
To embroider on paper..
To use unfit colour combinations and still make them work...
To layer :D
and To experiment with various card measurements. 
In short ..let your creations be a representation of you. 
Also one of these days I would come up with a tutorial for you guys to draw perfect swirls and DIY rhinestone flourishes. 
The card measures 3" by 7" in dimension and uses extremely limited supplies. 

Since I don't own a corner chomper I generally round my corners with my scissors and simply eye-ball the size. 
What I am trying to say is simple don't always need to own a fancy set of tools and even if you do ...its absolutely rewarding to come up with something based on old school methods. 
Its just that Khyati and I would love to come up with tutorials that are completely original ..our own experiments and discoveries so it would be awesome to have your support and feedback. :)
See you guys soon.. 
Till then keep on shopping :)


  1. This card is such a beauty Kalindi! And you are such a genius! :)

  2. Amazing Card Kalindi..Love the way you have used the punched holes to do stitching .. Simply Innovative :)

  3. What a amazing use of the lace punch Kalindi !!...Your card looks just beautiful ...And hats off to the neat stitching you have done... Simply awesome..:)

  4. love the stithing...and it's sooo neat too! lovely card

  5. I too liked the card and stitching idea is fab .I loved the part about not owning fancy tools , suits me ! Will be looking forward to tutorials !

  6. THis is such a pretty card.. lovely stitching..and only you can come up with making swirls with threads.. awesome.. this shows your love or swirls.. :D

  7. This is pure genius and your love for flourishes combined....and the result is this gorgeous card.I love the way you used those holes to incorporate stitching.What an awesome way of using limited supplies to make this beauty.

  8. lovely card and clear clean stiching

  9. with the sneak peak , i imagined it to be completely different!! and this is superb !!
    Loved the stitching its totally amazing :)
    what do u keep bugging me for photography lessons ? your photography is genius !


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