A Mixed Media layout page using molds & a tutorial

Hi Guys,

Its been a long time since I did a post, but then I was busy with few of the projects that I wanted to make for some of the people who are going through one of the best phases of their life..  This one is my favorite work till date because of two reasons -
1)This page is for one the most favorite person of my life.. Kiara.. my neice :)
2) It's been a long time since I wanted to try something like Finnabair.. The person who makes amazing mixed media projects.. She was my inspiration on starting to learn mixed media.. 
So without further wait here goes the pic of my project -

Now here is a step to step tutorial on how I did it -
First of all I covered my layout page.. which in this case was an A4 Sketch pad paper with a lot of home made Mod Podge(Fevicol + Water -- depending on the thickness you want).. And then added a lot of tissue to get that crinkled effect... Once the tissue and paper was dry I again went with second coat of Mod Podge on it just to add more binding.
Then I took my hot glue gun (My recent and the most useful buy :) ) .. I don't know how I survived earlier without a glue gun.. Now sticking everything is so easy :).. Anyways coming back to the topic I used a lot of clay pieces made from molds to create the textures.. Do you know that CraftAdda has the most amazing range of molds.. We recently received a lot of request for the same and hence we have in stock more than 60 designs of clay molds now for you Crafters.. So here is my layout after the above step -

Some close ups -

Now the next step was to color the layout.. For this layout I specifically did not want any glitter & wanted to make it colorful.. So that the focus remains on Kiara's pic and the colored layout depicts the color she brings in our world :).. Hence in this project I dint use any glimmer mist but made my own mist.. 
Now to make my own glimmer mist I tried various options -
1) Acrylic paint + water -- Output was too blotchy and paint gets stuck in spray bottles rendering them useless
2) Photo colors / Reinkers+ Water -- Lovely colors, more options, perfect medium and no blotchy effect.. But no glimmer
3) Photo colors / Reinkers+ Water + Silver/Golden Acrylic Paint(Don't add too much) - You have to be careful not to add too much paint or again the blotch will come and paint will get stuck in the bottles rendering them useless.. This gives a bit of glimmer but not as good as Glimmer mists
If you have any better recipe for glimmer mists do share :)
So here are the colors I used for my home made mists for this project -

For the pink & yellow I have used Tim Holtz reinker Worn Lipstick & Mustard Seed, the rest are photo colors..
I started the misting by covering my picture with a cloth.. I started with the lightest color first -

After adding other colors -

Now to add more controlled environment I went ahead and added the colors using paint brush and here is the look -

After each and every color you need to dry them and then apply another color.. If you want crisp color difference to show.. For the molds I had to go for 2 -3 layers of coloring as they dry a shade lighter than the actual colors.. So here is the final layout and some close ups -

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial.
Happy Crafting,


  1. Fabulous colorful layout ! I loved the beautiful textures on it and the clay embellishments look amazing .Thanks a lot for sharing about the colors,

  2. fabulous work..... Great tips on DIY mists..... i totally adore the mixed media work of urs... :)

  3. This is amazing, Paru! What a wonderful way to show off your "favorite person". She's adorable!

  4. Hey Khyati... Awesome Job... No words to explain the attention that you have given to minute details... Great job... Looking forward for more...

    Cheers, Neha & Jay

  5. Fab tutorial Khyati! Must try out the homemade modge podge and glimmer mists!

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