Mini albums dedicated to mom by Riddhi Jani [Guest Post]

This is a guest post by Riddhi Jani. Over to you Riddhi...

Hello fellow crafters,

I'm really very happy to share this project with you all. I made 2 mini albums by using CrafTangles  "Pyari Maa" , "Wanderer Collection " and "Aged Roses"
And I love all of these collections.

I would like to share something with you guys before I share the project.
These albums are dedicated to all wonderful moms..
Everyone gives gift and flowers to their love, brother or friends..but people forget to express their love to the most important person in their life..
and that's MOM .

She the person who does everything for you without any expectations...
Loves us unconditionally...
guide us in every difficult stage of our life....And I'm thankful to god for giving me 2 moms , one is my mom and another is my mom-in-law but I really don't call her mom-in-law...I call her mom only as she is my mom ..
Both love me as I do ..
And I'm really grateful to have them in my life ..

So I made these albums for them ..

Here I come with the albums...

Hope you guys like it
Please share your review on my post

Ri's Creation
Riddhi Jani


Sweety Gupta said…
These look fabulous!!! :) :) So colourful and lively!
Riddhi said…
Thanks so much dear ❤️