Timeless Treasure handmade clock by Miti Bhavsar [Guest Post]

This is a Guest post by Miti Bhavsar from Crafting World. Over to you Miti...

Hello everyone
I am so happy to be part of CrafTangles family
thanks Khyati di for this opportunity

So here is my first project as a guest designer

I have a tutorial of this watch which i created
so lets start .

1) take 13"x13" black cardstock

2) then score it 1/2", 1 1/2", 2" ,3" and 3 1/2" all the four sides so that you end up with 6x6 square in center

3) then cut them as shown in pic (see it closely)

4) end up like this

5)then fold all scoring lines

6) apply glue on 1/2" side then stick it & glue that triangle as well

7) it ends up like this

8) then I choose one paper from timeless treasure of 6x6 paper & stick it

9) then from back side I made a hole in the center & stuck the clock mechanism

10) After that I took numbers & painted them with black color

11) I glued them & embellished the center (don't do much decoration as clock needs to work)


12) for covering it up I chose acrylic sheet, cut it in 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" size & then I stuck the sheet using tacky tape

13) for sides I used washi tape to decorate it

14) then from the scrap I made the stands for watch

15) ta da its ready. Isn't is gorgeous ...?

Hope you all like the handmade watch so do make your own & share with us



Awesome clock and lovely tutorial. TFS

hugs xx
Craftingworld said…
Thanks a lot..❤️❤️
Craftingworld said…
Thank you so much..❤️❤️