The magic with CrafTangles foils continue by Neha Bhatt

This is a guest post by Neha Bhatt from Periwinkle Creations. Over to you Neha...

Hello Friends,
This is my second post using foils. The more I use them the more I am loving them. I hope you all tried this amazing product.  Along with today’s post some of the printables I designed are uploaded on the store site so you can download and play with them.
There is also a youtube Video where you can see all the gorgeous shiny effect on all cards.

1) I made this printable word art, print it and foiled with rainbow foil.


2) The word ‘ happy’ is printed using Grutch shaded fonts. These are shadow fonts so darker shadows are covered with foil and I used water colors to fill in the fonts.

3) The mandala was a free printable. This is going to be my diwali card for this year. I masked the bottom part and used distress oxides to create that multicolour border. Instead of that you can use ribbon in pastel color to create an elegant wedding invitation. Take it further and add water color to the foiled mandala. Possibilities are endless.



The negative of the foil was so pretty that I had to use it. I printed a solid, black rectangle and foiled it with the negative. It is super shiny. Isn’t that fun?

4) For the next one, I printed the feather on navy blue card stock. Yes, it is very much possible. It won’t show much when you print but it will immerge magically as you pass it through the laminator. On dark colores, foils look even better. The diagonal striped background is also printed on mint colored card stock(available to download from the store)

5) Last card is close to my heart as I made it for myself. I printed the sunsign symbols on white and embossed the goat in gold and sign in bluefoil. Indigo blue is the lucky color for Capricorn hence added blue print sketch for shading. (You can use any water based dye ink for ink blending over foils. Don’t use archival, stazon or pigment inks over it as they stain the foil ). I also made stars using silver foil. I used ranger embossing pen to clear emboss the random dots and foiled them with silver foil.


That is all for today! I really hope that you will try out foils. It adds so much to the project with such a little effort and minimal coast. Please share your experience with us. Write me to if you have any queries. Thanks and Regards!



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