How to Make Traveler's Notebook Inserts with A4 Paper

All the terms can be confusing when selecting a planner size for your traveler's notebook inserts. A5, A6, standard midori do you make your own inserts with so many sizes? The easiest way to make your own traveler's notebook inserts is to use A4 paper. It requires NO measuring. Just folding in halves. So simple. I found a couple of companies that sell A4 paper. Today's post will feature CrafTangles.

A4 paper folded in half makes perfect A5 planner pages. Fold it in half again and you have A6 planner pages. The width of an A4 sheet of paper perfectly matches the height of a Standard Traveler's Notebook insert. I demonstrate all these in the below video. Words are hard to explain...the visual is much better.

CrafTangles makes several A4 paper packs for just a little over $6. These are perfect for all your DIY Planner inserts. Since they are based in India, the prices show up in Rupees. The currency can be changed by clicking on the currency symbol at the top of the website.

 Do you plan to make your own inserts this year?  Thank you for stopping by today! My next post will feature how to print these printables and how to decorate your DIY Traveler's Notebook inserts. Happy Planning!

Colleen Hollis


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