Exploring CrafTangles Liquid watercolors with different techniques by SD Pooja

Hello Artists,

Hello friend its Pooja here with fresh inspirations using new set of CrafTangles Liquid water colors from February release. If you were not already wowed by colors from first set (released in January) then you will definitely be floored after seeing the colors from second set and that too at very reasonable price! Take a look at the colors and you will know by yourself! 

Don’t they look beautiful in rainbow order? They are so bright and vibrant even after drying! And it goes without saying that you can mix them to create new colors. If you are thinking  
“ I am not into water-coloring much, they are not for me”.
Then let me tell you these colors are excellent for coloring but that’s not the only way to use them. You must check this and this Posts by Neha bhatt. Taking inspiration from her I tried to use these liquid watercolors for different techniques. I created some cool backgrounds using Liquid watercolors.
Sharing few techniques you can use with liquid watercolors
1.Stencil Monoprinting
It is an interesting technique to create backgrounds in no time. All you have to do is drop some color on the stencil, spray some water (so the color moves easily) and press your cardstock over it. Depending on the amount of color, water and type of paper you get different results. As these colors are very saturated you can get many prints with just single application of colors, I got 4 prints with just one drop of Victorian rose, Autumn blaze, Red paprika and Floral Pattern stencil.

I used one of the bg for this card I sprayed to much water and the color seeped through the stencil but I still loved the vibrant color mix! I just tore off a part of the paper and drew a cupcake easy peasy! I have used black berry liquid watercolor for shadow.

Next card has bg made with same technique using Limelight, Ocean breeze and Dots stencil. I made a shaker card by cutting out few alphabets with paper knife
2.Stamping with Liquid Watercolors
For this technique you apply liquid watercolors to the stamp with brush, spray water and stamp! You get very cool watercolor look, varying the amount of color and water the image can be light or dark.
For this card I went a step ahead and sprayed the stamped image with water allowing the colors to spread and then again stamped over it using same colors. The colors used are Limelight, Ocean breeze and Poolside.
For this card I used Victorian Rose, Moroccan spice, Limelight and Evergreen liquid watercolors with Happily Every Stamp set. I also painted few details to fill the background.
Just like with distress ink it can be done using liquid watercolors. Just few drops of liquid watercolor on acetate sheet, spray water and press cardstock over it repeat till you are satisfied ! You get cool texture as the colors pool on the cardstock!
This card has hand cut numbers from smooshed bg created using Ocean breeze and limelight Liquid watercolors.

I could not let the negatives just go made another card with them! I painted free hand lines with Blackberry color.
I had fun created background using these liquid watercolors and turning them into cards! Are you inspired to try them out?
Thank you for sticking till the end of the post and have a lovely day ahead :)
SD Pooja


  1. Such stunning cards Pooja. You are amazing. And what great techniques. I am speechless

  2. Awesome cards!! Absolutely love the handcut diecut looks! Love it, Pooja!!


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