A few altered art ideas using CrafTangles products

Hello Artists,

Khyati here and I am super excited to share tons of inspirations for you all as part of our May Challenge which is ALTERED ART.

This post is going to be picture heavy so please be warned :).
So my first project for the posts are altered bottles, I am huge fan of milkshakes and because of that I end up with a lot of glass bottles which then I decided I would alter whenever I get time and this challenge was the perfect opportunity for it.

So here I have two bottles which have been altered, the left using CrafTangles rust paste and the right one using CrafTangles Patina Paste. These would definitely make some fun vases for a house if you ask me :)

Once I applied the paste to add some gloss I have sprayed these bottles with some Compac clear spray,

Now the next up projects are 2 brushes that I altered. One of it is a paint brush and the other is an old hair brush, both of these were altered using CrafTangles Patina Texture Paste. I have added some Copper Penny and Vintage Gold art waxes for some accents here and there.

And finally last project for the day, I have altered some empty tape rolls using CrafTangles chalky paints and soon I will be sharing a video on how I made this :)
Stamps I have used are CrafTangles people of India and World's Best and the characters are colored using CrafTangles liquid watercolors. Since I wanted this piece to be a fun quirky one for Indian parents as mother and father's day is just around the corner, I printed some funny hindi sentiments that Indian parents on us kids to keep us in line :)

So here is the final outcome - 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and I inspired you all to try something new :)

Until later,