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Hello friends I hope the month of May is treating you all well. My mom who is in Hyderabad says its very hot! Well May is one of the hottest months if I recall from my memory of living in India.

Ok now to the projects, I have fun Pictorial for you guys. I bet all you will find the products on your hand, or else I will let you know the substitutes as well, so do try out.

I have experimented with CrafTangles liquid watercolors with wet wipes/tissues.

Step 1. Take a wet wipe and crumble it and use a rubberband to tie it.
 Step 2:
Add liquid watercolors of your choice randomly(if you don't have liquid watercolors, then use any watercolors on your hand with a brush, the intensity may vary as per the pigments)
 Step 3:
Now remove the rubber band and open the wet wipe, to reveal the pattern.
 ste 4:
Prep your card stock with or without stencil, I have tried many variations here. Let your imagination run wild.
Press the wet wipe against the card stock to transfer the pattern to the card stock. I have used an acetate over the wet wipe to minimize the staining of my hand, and to get an even pressure.
 These are some of my trials, I have converted 3 in cards.

This one is done on a photo paper, the colors are very intense.
I simply added a sentiment and the strip from the photo paper at the bottom for some interest.

 I have used another stencil here on normal white card stock, stamped the sentioment to finish off the card.
 I had dry embossed the base here and added the panel to the bottom end and also a strip from the photo paper to finish off.

The wet wipes has lots of color absorbed in and you can use it multiple times to get easy backgrounds.

Products Used:
CrafTangles Liquid Watercolor Blackberry
CrafTangles liquid watercolor Grape jelly
CrafTangles liquid watercolor Ocean breeze
Eid Mubarak mask and stencil 
Eid Mubarak clear stamp set
Ramzaan kareem stencil

          Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. This us a very interesting technique Rahmat ! Thank you for sharing the pictorial :)

  2. This is a very good technique. One I will try. Thankyou x


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