mixed media canvas Inspired by Nature by Anja

For today's project I worked with the Craftangless Moss-effect Texture paste.
My inspiration, because of the Moss-effect, nature.

The pretty lady in the centre is Medusa, made with a siliconmould and airdry clay. For my background I also used airdry clay but then in an embossing-folder with some wood-grain. If you don't have that you can always make a sheet of clay and carve your wood-grain in or use a stamp.
I dried the clay on the back so you can glue it down, but did n't dry the top so I could still shape it. This clay will dry after you put gesso on it, you know because your work will loose some weight while drying.

Of-course I made you a video of the process, hope you like it. 

Craftangles products I used: 



Hope I could inspire you, please show us what you made with the Craftangles Texture Effect paste.
Love Anja