Some experiments with CrafTangles alcohol ink papers by Neha Bhatt [Periwinkle Creations]

Hello Friends,

I am back with a review post. This time, it is Alcohol InkPaper by HDMD. It is a great alternate for YUPO. Like YUPO it is a synthetic paper. Alcohol inks works best on nonporous surface. This paper is non-tearable and nonporous which allows great movement of inks. It is thick and can take hair dryer or heat gun very well. Compare to yupo it is 1/3 of the price. Isn’t that great!
There are mainly pictures of the projects i made on this paper. I will list color, brand and tips for each project below the picture.

These two are small approx 2.5 x 3.3 inches.
Colors  : Copic refills YG63 and G19
Gold  - Piñata gold applied with thin brush.
Tips – Use hairdryer to get those lines. The paper is quite thick and will take heat well without warping.

Same colors as above but I used this fan brush to create texture on this one.

I have used Piñata gold along with the inks and isopropyl alcohol.

I matted these three as they are a gift for a friend...:)!

Colors : Copic YG63, G19, Ranger- Sailboat blue, piñata-passion purple.
I was going for an infinite ring look for this one but because of humidity in the air, inks won’t co-operate. Yes, alcohol inks work best in dry cool weather.
Check the close ups.

Next one uses the same colors as above but totally different composition

Tips : use blow dryer to move inks and thin straw for the patches of texture.

Now is everybody’s favourite ---floral!

Colors : For the background – Copic BG23, Ranger –Turquoise
               For Flower – Ranger – Flamingo, Raspberry
               Steam – Ranger citrus, copic G19

Tip – I use this tiny pallet of medicine strip. Details in the stem is added with that micro brush. Petals are blown with thin straw.

Next one is created using HNDMD masking paper! I have tried many different materials from washi tape to masking paper & tape with alcohol inks but was never successful. Inks always bleed under the mask. But this masking paper is a game changer... no bleeding under the edges. The alcohol ink paper is easy to clean too. Few inks stain the paper but overall you can clean splatters and booboos with a swab of isopropyl alcohol without leaving any trace.

I die cut a butterfly from the masking paper and used the negative to mask alcohol ink paper. Added inks, removed the mask and added few splatters.
Colors – Ranger – Purple twilight & Cool Peri
There are many possibilities with masking. I will try to explore more in my next post.

For this landscape I used Ranger – Turquoise for sky, Caramel, silver metallic and pitch black and also Piñata – gold!

Last one uses only one color!

Color – Ranger Raspberry
Tip – Dilute ink with isopropyl before adding to the paper. This will prevent staining of paper. Use hair dryer to blow the ink back and forth to create crease lines. 

Highlights :
-        Great quality of paper. Ink moves beautifully on it.
-        Because of thickness, you can use hair dryer fearlessly. I tried heat gun too from a distance and it was safe and didn’t wrap the paper.
-        Paper does not stain easily, and clean up is very easy.
-        PRICE – 1/3 than yupo....I am SOLD...:)  

I hope you like the projects. Give these paper a try. I am sure you will fall in love with it. Thank you for being here. Have a great day!

Neha Bhatt
Periwinkle Creations


  1. Gorgeous creations Neha as always, you are definitely an inspiration to me to try out alcohol inks once I get some time :)

  2. I am stunned, Neha, just blown away - no pun intended! These are all gallery-worthy works of art!! I can't stop going back and forth and staring at them!! Thank you for sharing about this new paper! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Omg.. aren't these out of this world?? Your work has always amazed me Neha ma'am, but with blown away! And that capsule wrap.. so cool. You are a genius.. and such an inspiration for all of us.


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