Tie N dye technique using Watercolors and tissue - Pictorial by Rahmat

Hello friends Rahmat here with a super fun technique. I have this 3 page pictorial published in the Craft Stamper magazine, and since the magazine is in stands, I am sharing that technique here with you lovely followers of hndmd.

Video of the same -

I have multiple projects here today, and a detailed step by step pictorial for the technique.
I have used CrafTangles liquid watercolors with tissues and did the tie and dye technique. You might have seen our GD Neha Bhatt showing off a tie and dye on a tissue.
I have the idea a step further to transfer the gorgeous tissue, so that we can use it in our projects. It adds great texture to your projects.

Tie and dye takes me back to my childhood. My first experience with it was when I was in grade 5, and I did a tie and dye on fabric as part of school work. I used a white cotton cloth with chickpeas and thick twine and dyed it red and later it was used as a tablecloth by my mom.
Tissue transfer is something I started doing from 2014. I was just transferring regular designed tissues for my craft projects.
I have combined the above 2 techniques to come up with this brilliant end product to be used in my craft projects. The results are endless with various color combinations and the tie and dye patterns vary as well.
I had used liquid watercolors from CrafTangles to do the tie and dye on the tissue. It works fine on both plain face tissues or thick kitchen towels. I have used both here as examples.

The tie and dye on tissue is like a vibrant burst of multiple colors, which looks more like patterned fireworks captured on tissue, it’s like unleashing the colors and patterns and seeing these blend in and come alive.

Step-by-step…Spiral tie and dye

STEP ONE: You will need 2 or 3 Ply tissue, watercolors, twine, rubber bands. I have a 2 ply face tissue and a designed 2 ply kitchen towel here.

STEP TWO: I did the bull’s eye pattern using the twine for the face tissue and the spiral pattern for the kitchen towel and secured it with rubber bands.

STEP THREE: First I had wet the partitioned part of the tissue and then added watercolors to the tissue with the help of a waterbrush, leave the tissues to dry.

STEP FOUR: Now remove the twine and rubber bands to reveal the tie and dye patterns.

STEP FIVE: If your tissue is 2 ply you will get 2 designs, and 3 for 3 ply tissue. Separate the tissue ply.

STEP SIX: Take the one ply tissue, a card stock, glad cling wrap cut bit bigger than the cardstock, as it will shrink. Spread the cling wrap on the cardstock and the tissue on the very top.

STEP SEVEN : Now protect you work space with old papers, the materials in step 6 and cover the top with some more plain paper. Use a dry iron(remember to set in as dry not steam) to iron on the transfer piece for 3 - 4 minutes.

STEP EIGHT : Remove the tissue transferred cardstock and trim the excess tissue.

STEP NINE : Prep the materials to put together the projects.

Below is another card from the above transfers.

I recently did few more transfers and created a bookmark.

 A few more of my experiments here.

To finish the project: 
I added the tissue transferred cardstock to a white base card, used a black card strip to die cut happy, and dabbed it with embossing ink and used sticky embossing powder, then dabbed the gold foil to get some texture over the black cardstock. the die cuts are added to the card front using foam adhesive. The sentiment is stamped and heat embossed in gold, I added a few sequins and a white strip at the bottom to finish off the card.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Designer tip…Leave some concentrated watercolor on few places for vibrant colors
Time saving idea… do the tie and dye in the night before you sleep, so that the pattern gets ready by morning



Kitchen towel; Glad Cling wrap; iron box
CrafTangles Liquid Watercolors - Victorian Rose, Ripe Plum, Lemon Tart, Moroccan Spice,
Evergreen, Poolside, Ocean Breeze, Grape Jelly; 
 CrafTangles Gold Foil; 
CrafTangles Sequins - Metallic Royal; 
 Rangers sticky embossing powder; Rangers Gold embossing powder; Versamark Watermark ink;

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