Altered Geometry Box (with Pictorial) by Preeti Datta

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Today, I've created an Altered Geometry Box titled "Inspire". I've used various mixed media techniques. There is a Step-by-Step Pictorial of the process. I have used mixed media products by CrafTangles as well as other products from Hndmd.

Altered Geometry Box

Step-by-Step Pictorial:

1. Used Prima Finnabair Silicone moulds and air dry clay to create some clay embellishments

2. Applied CrafTangles Gesso- Charcoal on a Geometry Box using a sponge. This helps to add an uneven texture

3. To add more texture to the background, applied CrafTangles Texture Paste- Asphalt to the box using a palette knife. We want it to be uneven. This paste has a grainy texture with tiny particles in it. I love it! It is this grainy texture that will create a wonderful effect when coloured later on. 

4. Prepared some metal embellishments by Mitform Castings by applying CrafTangles Texture Paste- Asphalt to them as well 

5. Layered the clay and metal embellishments to create a visually pleasing composition and adhered them to the box using gel medium. For the heavier pieces, I used Heavy Body Gel and for the lighter pieces, I used Acrylic Soft Gel.

6. To add more texture and fill up the gaps, mixed 2 sizes of art stones with CrafTangles Acrylic Soft Gel and added them to some of the empty spaces

7. To get a full coverage of black, sprayed the box with Lindy's Gang Blazing Black Flat Spray. This gets into the tiny spaces where a brush may not reach

8. Now started dry brushing. First, I've used CrafTangles Texture Paste- Cement to dry brush a grey colour onto the whole box. Since this paste is thick and grainy, it adds a lot of texture and makes the texture from underneath more visible

9. Now for the finishing touches, did the dry brushing technique using CrafTangles Chalky Paints- Cool Jade and Buttercream and CrafTangles Gesso-White. Created a shading effect by highlighting some areas. In the end, created white splatter by diluting white gesso. 

Products Used from the Store:

CrafTangles Texture Paste- Asphalt


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