Sunset using Craftangles Liquid Watercolor

Hello Everyone,
I am Heena Siddiqui from Artfeltcreations. Today I will be sharing with you how to paint a vibrant sunset using Craftangles liquid watercolor.

I have used Craftangles watercolor paper pad which is 100% cotton and cold pressed. I am a fan of cold pressed papers as they aren't very smooth and not too rough as well. I prefer working on 100% cotton only since the day I switched from 25% cotton watercolor papers to 100% cotton watercolor papers due to a variety of reasons including staying wet for longer time which allows you to work freely. 

For the colors I have used Craftangles liquid watercolors. These are dye based inks similar to Ecolines and produce vibrant artworks. I have used it for the first time but I am completely amazed by its vibrancy and how beautifully it blends. 

I have linked all the products used below, feel free to browse through them.
For now let's just head over to this video and learn how to paint this beautiful landscape.

I hope you had a great time watching the video. When you paint this and share on your Instagram don't forget to tag me. I will share your works on my stories on my Artfeltcreations page. Click here to visit my Instagram account.

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