Some experiments with CrafTangles Rough watercolor paper by Neha Bhatt

Hello Friends,

I am back with my experiments with CrafTangles water colour paper. It is 300 gsm, thick and heavily textured paper. Honestly, when I started, I wasn’t sure what to do with it as I am more comfortable with smoother papers. As a cardmaker, I need smoother paper to capture details of stamps and coloring small images are easier if there is not much of a texture. So I experimented with more of loose water colours on it and to my surprise, it turned out pretty good!

Closeup at those beautiful texture -

The flower is painted using Craftangles liquid water colors . I learnt that you need lots of liquid in your brush to glide it smoothly on heavy texture. Paper stay wet for a while so you have a small window to drop new colors for wet on wet blending. Please check the close up to see the details. Even a solid color patch shows lots of variation as the pigment seeps deeper into the fibers of rough paper. Their incredible absorbency can deliver some amazing washes and effects for your final piece. It is also the most absorbent and allows pigments to settle into its deeper valleys. It is good to achieve  a textured look without fine details.

I have a tiny video on how i paint loose flowers. Unfortunately, I misplaced the one I am painting in the video but you will have idea on how the colors and brush move on rough paper.

 You can create mind boggling texture on this paper.

Because of the texture, you can not draw outlines so you have to work directly with the brush.
The heavy texture and higher weight of the paper makes it highly suitable for mixed media applications.

I have used mix of acrylic inks, acrylics, oil pastels and gold and while markers for details.

Check the amazing textures I got with dry brushing.

For next one, I tried water color gouache. I love the solid coverage they give -

Last one is inspired by my recent trip to Switzerland. It is one of the mountain of the Alps, Matterhorn! It’s very typical, pyramidal shape is hard to forget. The painting is 9x12 inches.

I have used water colors for the sky and acrylics for the rest of the painting. I used palate knife instead of brush to get the texture of mountain & snow. The paper is so sturdy that it can withstand numerous layers of coloring medium. I just love the outcome.

The texture of paper enhances the strokes of palate knife.  

The acrylics actually shine like snow when sunlight hit it.
I hope you will like the efforts i put in to bring out the unique characters of this product. Please try it for mixed media projects too. I am sure you will love them.
Thank you, Khyati for always trusting me with your products.

Thank you readers for always supporting me and reading through my long posts always.
Love, Neha Bhatt.


  1. Wow..You created some awesome pieces with the paper ! Texture of this paper which could be minus point for common technique you turned it to its plus point !


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