How to use coupon code during checkout at HNDMD -- Checkout tutorial for HNDMD

Hello Artists,

A lot of you have queries for us as to where do we apply coupon code, so we thought we would share a small blog post with you where we share with you all on how to apply coupon code.
So here we go, once you arrive at the Home page of HNDMD which is
 You will have two options -
1) To Login if you are an existing customer
2) To Register if you are a new customer 

See picture below -

Once you have either Login or Register your account you should be able to see your Username just above the cart like so -

So now you have logged in, make sure you add items in your cart only after you login, we have many people complaint that items in their cart had vanished that is because you haven't logged in to your cart then how will system understand which items are associated with which carts.

Once you have added items in your cart when you click on cart page the system will take you to cart page, this will be different for customers at any point of time, mine is looking like below -

now here I can see that the system is showing me an error saying products marked with star (***) are out of stock, we have again had many queries on this, so let me take a moment and explain to you all what is this. Now it may happen that when you were shopping you added 10 items in you cart but while you went to payment page some of this items were sold out and bought by some other customer, in that case you will get this issue. 
Now since that item / items are sold out system is telling you that you need to remove the same before you check out, notice in below screenshot the item marked in yellow has 3 red stars  (***) which means its out of stock now and you need to remove it from your cart before you proceed.

Now once I remove that item, my cart will look like below -

Now we are good to go, notice there is a new tab to apply coupon code, that is where you need to apply coupon code.

So this is how it looks once I click on "Use Coupon Code"

Now again few things to clarify, At some pint of time you may have multiple coupons on website but like any other eCommerce you can only apply one coupon code at a time

So I will try coupon code FREESHIP on this cart which is for orders above 999 Rs.

So I will add code FREESHIP in coupon code box as below -

Once you add the code of your choice, click on "Apply Coupon" and below is what you will see

Once that is done you can proceed to shipping and payment page -

Now I am calculating shipping charges by adding pincode and state like so -

Now click on "Get Quotes"

select the courier of your choice, In case FREE SHIPPING As mentioned in our sales FAQ ( in case of free shipping as in your case parcel are shipped via most economical courier possible as we bear the shipping charges.
Incase you need parcel by specific courier or urgently or via air you need to bear the shipping charges.

For example here I will select DTDC and click "Apply Shipping"and I get below success message -

Now in the below screenshot you will see system doesn't charge me any shipping as I have used FREESHIP Coupon code -

Once this is done I click on Checkout button, system takes you to final Checkout page which looks like -

Step 1 is already done which was adding items to cart, now Step 2 you need to add your billing address, you have an option to add a new address or use existing one. 
Please note this is BILLING address and not SHIPPING address, that is Step 3. 

Now in Step 3 as the name suggest are "Delivery Details" this will show you Shipping address, so here you will need to add shipping address, I will keep the same as the one in already in My Account.

A lot of customers who order with us maintain multiple addresses and then by mistake add old addresses in their order which leads to confusion with shipping and many times parcels being returned to us.
To avoid this we would suggest at any point of time, try and keep your addresses clean and add only 1 address in the system, to avoid parcels being returned to us and you being charged multiple times for such mistakes.

Once I click Continue I come to Step 4 which is confirming the shipping mode that you wish, I will keep it same as I selected earlier which is DTDC -

Once done you come to final payment page where you can make payments using any of the below options -

Once you select an option and click continue you are taken for a final check for your order items in Step 6 as below -

Once you click on confirm it takes you to payment page depending on mode of payment you have selected and once the payment is done you should be able to see the orders in "My Account".
Also you will receive an automated email with Order id and other details on your registered email.

Shipping timelines, delivery timelines and other questions like these are already answered on our FAQ page -

You can click on your name at the top of the page to access your my account or at the bottom of home page , see information below -

At any point of time you have questions for us, you can raise a ticket through Contact us page like below -

once you click on "Contact Us", a page like below is opened where you can raise your ticket and someone from our support staff should be happy to help.

Hope this post was useful to you all. 
Comment down below if you have any of our other website process where you have difficulties and we will try and create such posts to help you out.