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CrafTangles Design Team

Paru Mahtani [Design Team Coordinator] (Mumbai, India) 
Paru needs no introduction. She has been associated with us for over 6 years and has been a regular contributor on our blog. Since last two terms, she has been our blog coordinator and would again don the hat for t
he current term. Based out of Mumbai, India, she is a stay at home mom, a passionate card maker and a photography enthusiast who regularly showcases her work at Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai (one of the biggest gathering of creative folks in India).

Follow her on social media below.

Ishani (India) 

Ishani is known in the crafting world as Quillish and is a stay at home mom and a full-time crafter. She loves colouring, building scenes and experimenting new techniques. While she started with quilling it is her cardmaking that you should look out for.

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Arpita Tornal (Bangalore, India) 

Arpita joins us from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art. She joins us as a Decoupage and Mixed Media artist.

Rahmat Gouse (Macau, China)
Originally from India, Rahmat has been globetrotting for almost 15 years and joins us from Macau. She loves playing with stamps and finds creative ways to use them. This is clearly seen from the beautiful CAS cards that she curates. When she is not toying with stamps and creating gorgeous cards, she loves to cook, read, travel and go behind the camera lens.

Anja Vanderform (The Netherlands)
Anja joins us from Netherlands and is a part time mum, nurse and a passionate mixed media artist. She is a passionate mixed media artist and takes mixed media workshops in Netherlands. She is also associated with multiple brands including Samantha K and Mitform Castings.
Hop onto her social media channels and do have a look at her various mixed media techniques.

Katarzyna Charlak (Poland) 

Katarzyna has been crafting for many years and she joins us from Poland. While she started her journey with decoupage, she is an avid mixed media artist who has been practicing the art for many years and we can’t wait to see her creations. Follow her on social media at below links

Heena Siddiqui (Mumbai, India) 

Heena joins us from Mumbai, India and is part of our first-time water colouring team. She goes by the name of Artfeltcreations on Instagram and is not only an amazing watercolour artist but also an avid modern calligrapher. We would love to see the inspirations that she has in store for us.

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Richa Saxena (Ahmedabad, India) 

Richa joins us from Ahmedabad, India and is part of our first-time water colouring team. Know as Artistixess on Instagram, she is a watercolour and Mandala expert and regularly conducts workshops on them. We can’t wait to see the versatility she brings to our products over the next year.

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Preeti Datta (New Delhi, India) (Exclusive Mixed Media Guest Designer)

Preeti joins us from Saddi Dilli and loves to create eclectic artworks. She loves playing with colours and loves to create projects which can be clean and simple as well as grungy and vintage. She will be joining us as exclusive mixed media guest designer and we just can’t wait to see the lovely inspirations that she is going to awe us with.

Follow her work here:

It's a pleasure to welcome all these creative ladies to our design team.

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